Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The wonderful feeling

of passing second year. Let me describe the scene, blow-by-blow, as we take an instant replay on the event that unfolded. In the bottom-left corner with the blue gloves, weighing 52kg and raring to go, is Ruke. A scrawny, inexperienced and desperate fighter, needing to win this bout or hell ensues at home. In the top-right corner with the red gloves, are second year exam results. In their past matchup, the fight ended with a last-round TKO to give results the win, so this promises to be a tight one. The referee was nowhere to be found.
The bell rings, as the two fighters both approach each other in the centre; Ruke feels the nerves, as the clear underdog of the event, with much to lose and win this match. No matter, he is a determined fighter, and quickly takes the upper-hand with a left uppercut (OSCE) to the chin! The results stagger back, clearly maimed but hungry for blood, bouncing back and throwing a quick 1-2. Ruke dodges and fires off a right hook, only to be evaded and rewarded with a left hook (MEQ) from results! Stunned, Ruke takes a moment to recover, and quickly puts up his hands to defend from another onslaught. Taking his time, weaving and evading throws from the opponent, he waits, sees an opening and goes straight for an undefended chest (SAQ)! Brimming with confidence at the pure luck of the blow, he barrels in the punches, raining them on his helpless foe (MCQs one and two), and sends those results on the ground! He can't get up! It's all over! Ruke, stunned by this unlikely victory, passes through the next round (third year) - sure he's got a few grazes and a half-dozen broken ribs, but the grin he's got is showing no signs of the damage! Over and out!

So, yeah. I annoyed many a friend through my rather irritating commentary, complete with faux commercials and sponsors, and it's clear I probably don't have a future in writing. Nonetheless, nothing beats the feeling of getting through to next year - second year is in my opinion the worst year of the course, difficult yet not really in clinical stages, with comparatively little clinical contact compared to the years ahead. So third year, here I come!


  1. hi, im interested in joining UWS, and you inspired me a lot.

    is it possible for me to contact you by any means, you know i'd like to ask few questions about uws

    if it is okay for you.

    sorry for bothering

  2. hey, sure no worries. Seems like you have your email posted on your profile, I'll send an email soon :)